Sunday, January 20, 2013

Reduce Portion Eating Can Extend Age

Having a healthy body is ideal and a dream of almost every person. However, doing it takes sacrifice and high consistency.

Reduces 40 percent of intake was able to extend 20 years of age. Yes, the conclusion was made ​​by scientists from the United States (U.S.).

The experts conducted experiments on mice and Drosophila (a type of insect), because 60 percent of the two genes were identical to the human animal. Expert reduces the amount of food for the animals.

As a result, a reduction in portion sizes can extend the life of both. Experiments in mice showed prolongation of life by 30 percent. For humans, the period equal to 20 years of life. According to experts, all living beings have shown a correlation between the length of life with food intake.

The challenge is how to get used to eating smaller portions. Someone might start by eliminating one of the dinner menu. The next step can be done by reducing the portion of dinner.