Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Chicken Soup to Treat Colds

According to one study, chicken soup can make you comfortable while you are not feeling well or colds.

Research published by the American Journal of Therapeutics these shows, which is a component of carnosine in chicken soup, can help the immune system to fight the symptoms of influenza.

But the benefits of chicken soup will be reduced when the soup is ingested in the body so it needs regular consumption of chicken soup to make the body back in shape.

Another study in Miami, USA, also concluded the benefits and effects of chicken soup more than the placebo.

In addition, as reported by the Daily Mail, University of Nebraska researchers found the combination of vegetables and herbs in chicken soup can help expedite the respiratory system.

Chicken soup using garlic and onions as a condiment, as well organosulfida contains vitamin D, which stimulates the production of immune cells called macrophages.

Meanwhile, vitamin A and carotenoids in carrots helps the production of antibodies, while vitamin E and zinc influence on the concentration of lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell.

Another reason to eat chicken soup is because all the nutrients in chicken soup more easily absorbed by the body than nutrients in solid shape.