Thursday, January 17, 2013

6 Food Cure for Sore Throat

Infections caused by bacteria are one of the causes strep throat. Itching in the beginning, then sore and painful swallowing, are some unpleasant conditions throat when you have a problem. Consequently, it is not only difficult to swallow, but it can also lead to fever.

If you are reluctant to take medication from a doctor, there are some foods you can eat to relieve the symptoms of strep throat.

1. Lemon juice with honey. A glass of lemon juice is not only refreshing, juice is rich in vitamin C will give double Table: especially when mixed with a few tablespoons of honey. Consumption of honey and lemon juice with no ice. Vitamins in both will help heal your throat diseases.

2. Honey ginger tea or tea. A glass of warm tea mixed with ginger or honey can be an alternative medicine that also warms your throat. ginger and honey can serve to coat the throat and prevent irritation.

3. Chicken soup. A bowl of hot chicken soup is not only delicious as the day the rain. Chicken soup turned out to function as anti-inflammatory and prevents the virus from entering the body. Add some spices like ginger and pepper. Additionally mix some vegetables to add to usefulness.

4. Bananas. Creamy texture makes bananas are easy to swallow, including for people who are strep throat. Bananas contain vitamin B6, potassium and vitamin C.

5. Eggs. Wealth protein in eggs can help in dealing with inflammation and pain in the throat. To get the benefits, the consumption of egg whites, boiled or scrambled with a little olive oil.

6. Whole wheat pasta. Not only the texture is too soft, whole grain pasta contains many nutrients such as fiber, iron, and vitamins such as vitamin B1, B2, B3, and vitamin E.