Friday, January 18, 2013

Food Right to Fulfill Potassium Intake

Potassium is a chemical element that is essential for the body, especially the nervous system and muscle contraction. Potassium is also used by the autonomic nervous system (SSO), which is the controlling heart rate, brain function, and other important physiological processes.

Potassium is found in most of the body in the form of electrolyte and abundant in the digestive tract.

In the body, potassium is usually working with sodium or sodium (Na) to regulate the body's electrolyte balance charge. This balance is maintained by adjusting the amount of potassium intake from foods and the amount of potassium removed.

For adequate intake of potassium for the body, you can eat some foods, as quoted from Healthmeup, below.

1. Baked potato. A baked potato with skin contains 840 mg of potassium. Potatoes suitable for a diet, because a large potato with skin contains only 160 calories.

2. Melon. One piece of melon contains 60 calories, but rich in potassium as much as 680 mg. Melon delicious eaten just like that, processed sebaghai drink or in your salad bowl.

3. Raisins. The dried grapes are also rich in potassium. A half cup of raisins contains 555 mg of potassium. Used as a complementary bowl of delicious raisin oatmeal you at breakfast. In addition, the raisins are also a type of dried fruit that can supply energy because it is easily absorbed.

4. Avocado. Fruit is often referred to as fruit butters this one, containing 602 mg of potassium. Avocados can be processed as juice, mixed salad, or dionsumsi granted.

5. Dried apricots. If you like to eat dried fruit, dried apricots can be the right choice. Half a cup of apricots contains as much as 480 mg of potassium.

6. Tomato juice. One of the complementary manufacturing of this sauce not only contains lycopene, but also enriched with potassium. In one cup of tomato juice, you will get the benefits of 480 mg of potassium.

7. Orange juice. In addition to the wealth of vitamin C, orange juice also has the benefit of as many as 503 mg of potassium in each glass. Orange juice can be enjoyed at breakfast or lunch before heading.

8. Yoghurt. There are many reasons for you to enjoy a dish of yogurt. In addition to natural fibers, yogurt is fortified with 530 mg of potassium in each cup. Add yogurt pure in fruit salad, or a refreshing glass of smoothie.